Susan G Komen

American Book Drive raises money for organizations, while finding new homes for used books, CDs & DVDs . We work with schools, religious groups, libraries and non-profit organizations in Southern California.

Our campaigns salvage tens of thousands of books from going unused or dumped into landfills every year. Instead, books that are donated are resold through 20 online-marketplaces, at festivals, book fairs and/or our $5 or Less Book Store. Our streamlined process of collecting, sorting and reselling books allows us to raise the most money for our non-profit partners. Our objective is to provide communities with an easy/green alternative to donating their used books, while supporting such a worthy cause.

American Book Drive would like to thank all who participated, and continue to participate, in the book drive benefitting the Los Angeles affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the cure. The event to date collected over 120k books, CDs & DVDs and raised over $20,500 to help in the fight against breast cancer.


American Book Drive

Participating Organizations: